This day marks 341 days since my knee reconstruction, and also marks the day where I start over again.

12 weeks ago I promised myself that I would change my life, something I never thought I was capable of doing.My phyiso and I sat down and put goals in place, and for the first time I actually stuck to them and proved myself wrong.It was tough at first and even when I started I knew that some day I would thank myself for it. For 3 months I have waited to have my knee fixed for the second time. I’ve tried not to complain about the pain it constantly causes me and I have pushed myself to the point of tears, many times.

A long time ago I stopped believing in myself, and sometimes I don’t think it was just me that stopped believing. I think those around me did too and that hurt. I hated the feeling of letting myself down, but not as much as I hated letting my friends and family down. I knew how much it hurt me and I did close to everything to change that. I became passionate about changing the way I felt, I became obsessed with creating a better life and the way my knee felt no longer became a priority. I learnt to love the life I have been given and endure the pain I was going through. Because of that I became so much stronger. I stopped being scared and I started to face my fears. I decided that giving up wasn’t in my mindset anymore. I still have such a long way to go but even if it takes me another year or two, I’ll be ok with that because I’ve learnt that patience is the key.

I’ve always attempted to find a positive in every situation, and I guess this is a second chance to fix the problem, hopefully once and for all. I know exactly what to expect this time around and my mindset has definitely continued to grow and improve day by day. I now understand the commitment it takes to overcome a knee injury and I’m thankful that I get a second chance to do it right. Today I go in for my second knee operation; Finally cannot wait to get back on track. Be right back, getting a new knee.



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