Week #1 – the start of my next rehab journey.

So today marks 1 week post op, as slow as the last week has been, it’s pretty awesome to see improvements already and its even better to be told you’re doing better than expected.

I told myself before the surgery that I never wanted to touch a pair of crutches again and I knew walking without them wouldn’t hurt me, it would only make me feel more confident.

Goal 1 – Crutches are overrated, walk without them: TICK!!

 The thing that surprised me the most was the feeling after this surgery. It felt like I was walking on a cloud, for the first time in a long time I actually felt like I had a normal knee (I feel as if the drugs had a lot to do with this though…. haha) but it was such an amazing feeling. It got to about day 3 when this all started to wear off, but ever since then it has only improved each and every day. On Saturday the bandage came off. THANK GOD!! It was such a relieving feeling you have no idea. I’m pretty happy with my progress this far, I must say. Everything is feeling pretty great. The pain and swelling is under control and I’m starting to feel comfortable walking normally again.

The very start of my rehab journey started today when I kicked the day off with my first visit to the physio, and there’s really no better way to start my Tuesday morning with nothing but great news. I have ticked 3 of my 5 goals already and it has to be one of the best feelings in the world. It gives me hope for these next 2 or so months to get back to where I was before surgery. I have my plan set in place, I have goals I now know I will achieve and for the first time I feel extremely lucky to have been given a second chance to prove myself and those around me wrong.





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