A couple of months back I was given a book to work through because I was completely lost in regards to my future. With my rehab keeping me occupied for the majority, I really had no idea where on earth my life was actually heading. Little did I know at the time that the book would change my life entirely and give me a different idea on the direction. As reading it I stumbled across this powerful statement that just really stuck…

 “The greatest energy is created when we set up things to look forward to. It is not physical tiredness that needs as much rest as we think but our mental state that needs more stimulation.”

 This little paragraph really stood out to me. After spending months battling and struggling with anxiety and signs of depression, I’ve become aware that you need to constantly feed your mind positive thoughts and continue to learn, grow and try new things. I was pretty scared at first to go out there and try things I never had or to learn about new things that I had no idea about but like they always say you never know what you’re capable of until you at least try. So far with my recovery I have discovered and unwrapped so many things about myself that I never knew existed, I’ve found my passion through fitness and it’s become one of the biggest parts of my life. I feel happy, I feel healthy but most of all mentally, I am feeling amazing. These last few months have been an absolute blast to say the least. After finding myself in that dark place, it amazes me how I found the strength from within to pick myself back up and come as far as I have. I made a promise to myself and that was the day my life changed for the better.

I’m constantly working on my mindset and my physical capabilities everyday, so one day I can achieve my life goals and dreams. I’ve had people judge me for doing things differently, I’ve had people laugh at me or throw negative comments my way, just to ensure they bring me down to their level and make me feel as bad as I possibly could. I’ve changed a lot the last few months, I have no shame in admitting that. However, If I didn’t there’s no way I’d be where I am toady. I’ve learnt through time to block the negativity out of my life and I’m so much stronger because of it. So don’t ever give up because of what someone said or thinks about you, keep on believing in yourself.


“Those times when you have looked as something that you initially took as being bad, yet after further assessment, the same experience seemed great. We must be aware that the situation was always up for that other perception, as the situation itself has not changed. But it was your choice to attach different mindset to it and draw a benefit.”


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