You never really know how much you’ve changed until you look back on your journey. 6 months ago I made a promise to myself, one that I wasn’t sure about at first but I knew that if I stuck with it I would make it to this day where I could be truly amazed and proud of how much I’ve managed to achieve in such a short amount of time.

Not long after my first reconstruction, I lost my way a little. I let my mind and my thoughts completely take over my life. I stopped believing in my abilities and my goals; I stopped believing I could ever achieve anything in my life. I have grown up in a surrounding where sport and health are the biggest priorities. Before my injury I had never really worried about my weight or anything. I have always been a happy and healthy kid. But when sport vanished from my life early last year, I gave up on my health and became a version of myself I never thought I’d have to see. I think for the first time in my life I hated myself. Hate’s a pretty strong word, I know but that’s definitely the only way to describe how I felt. I used to look in the mirror and just cry









The photo’s above don’t necessarily represent how much I’ve lost or gained but how much I’ve grown mentally. In 6 months I’ve managed to lose the 8 ½ kgs I had put on after my reconstruction and although I haven’t really changed that much physically, I feel so much lighter in all aspects of my life. I worked really hard on my mental game throughout the last 6 months and I’ve found that is the difference when it comes to anything in life. To go from someone who hated herself  to someone who absolutely loves life and the person she is, is the one thing I’m extremely proud of.

My journey has not always necessarily been about my knee, there are plenty of other parts of my life, which I’ve had to change and improve as well to ensure I get the most out of everyday. Each new day I try to stay focused on the good in life and I don’t dwell on the bad things that happen. As I said at the start you never really know how much you’ve changed until you look back on your journey. You must always appreciate your accomplishments and be proud of what you’ve achieved.



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