“Wasn’t sure if i’d ever make it to the day, where I could finally step back onto the court. I have been dreaming of this for quite some time now and MY GOD does it feel amazing to be back.”


Most morning’s I wake up, I get ready and head off to the gym but today was a little different, something new and I will admit kind of scary but I’m pretty damn happy with the decision I made to finally set fear aside and just go for it because it was an absolute perfect way to start my day and phase 3 and 4 of my rehab. Hitting the court for basically the first time since my injury was absolutely unreal. To be able to run around and do the things I once used to do so easy was a test but I have never felt so good about something in my life. To actually step onto the court rather than sitting and watching from the sidelines, it’s definitely a feeling I generally cant describe. 😀

I don’t like to admit it but when my physio told me I could start basketball related drills a few weeks ago I was frightened to hit the court again. There was something inside that was holding me back and every time I thought of going down to shoot hoops or whatever, I would often find any excuse to get out of it. The constant thought of hurting myself kept playing in the back of my mind, defs the worst thing I could possibly think about in this situation. Now I don’t like to do things halfhearted, I’m either all in or all out, there was no way I was going to just muck around with this part of my rehab. So I was sent away to really focus on my psychological thoughts for a little while and to also start working really hard on my confidence something I have lacked in. It’s been pretty tough but I’m working on it each day and I feel as if it’s getting heaps easier now and the thoughts I had been having about my knee don’t even come into play anymore. It’s a massive step for me and I’m extremely confident now, that going into phase 3 & 4 with the mindset I have, that I will no doubt make it back to basketball in the near future and I’m so excited you have no idea!!!! All year I have been saying to myself keep working hard because the day you make it, is the day you will thank yourself for all those minutes, hours, and days you pushed yourself. I now know results for sure do not happen overnight. They take time but when you start to see small differences each day it makes it so much more worth it.

15050261_1296500177047480_1766902369_n.jpgI have just entered into phase 3, which is also blended with parts of phase 4, and wow talk about a massive change. My biggest test today though was this morning on the basketball court, (I really did not realise how “basketball” unfit I was until today just saying.. hahahah) and although I’m still only around 75% and unable to do a few things I am extremely happy with how everything is going. I have another 4 weeks left on my current program in which I need to be around 90% on my next visit to the physio. Definitely in for a tough few weeks, but generally excited about it.



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