Well it must be time to reflect on the year that has just passed on by. 2016, I have so many things to say about you that’s for sure. You bought me hardships, adversity, and difficulty. But, you showed me how to be brave, to be resilient and to be strong even when I was weak. You definitely were one of the hardest years I have ever experienced but there’s not one thing I would change about you. I have grown in ways I didn’t think was possible. I am honestly completely in love with my life and I’ve never been so happy.

So welcome to the year of 2017. The year of my return, (omg that sounds so weird hahaha). So I finished 2016 off on quite an amazing note, surrounded by amazing family, friends, plenty of food and one strong & healthy knee. However, I’ve started 2017 off feeling a little bit run down unfortunately so I’ve taken a break for a few days because I know what happens when you don’t look after yourself when you’re feeling down, the consequences are most definitely not worth it. Anyway, enough about that…..

I had a really strong focus on my fitness during the last couple weeks of December, to ensure that when I’m ready to return to basketball that I will be reasonably fit enough to make it through a game/training. If you knew me before my injury, I was someone who absolutely hated running and when I say hated I mean HATED. Although, the last few weeks I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it, sounds crazy but its true. I’ve been working on my return to running program for about 2-3 months now, only recently though has it become really tough and pushed me to the limits. It started off with walking and running intervals; obviously to help with my endurance and stuff but a pretty exciting moment was when I was able to run 10km in just under an hour without stopping (oh and PAIN FREE might I add). I have been building up to it for weeks but it’s pretty cool to be able to smash a goal that I had written down well over a year ago. Honestly, all I want to do now is run.


 I hit the basketball court Thursday for the first time this year and I worked a fair bit on agility and my jumping program as well as a little bit of shooting. Seeing as I have testing in a just over two weeks I thought I better start getting back into it. I’m getting pretty nervous because I feel like I went a bit backwards after having a few days off over new years. But I know that I have to work extra hard in these coming weeks to ensure I’m ready for it. I have been getting some video footage of what I have been up to in the last few trainings, which I will put together in the next few days for y’all to check out.

It feels so weird to know that this coming season I’m going to be ready to put my basketball shoes on and actually play again. I injured myself in mid 2015 and to me that just feels like forever ago. I’ve been feeling so many different emotions over the last month, good and bad emotions I guess. Everything is starting to get real tough, which is good, don’t get me wrong however it comes with a lot of pressure and sometimes it really gets to me and I really do find it hard to deal with. Nevertheless I just keep thinking about and reminding myself of that day when I can finally say I did it, because that day isn’t far away at all. It always keeps me continually motivated on a daily basis but until then I have to work my butt off to ensure I make it to that day. You probably wont hear from me for a little while, I’ve got plenty of things to do. Wish me luck. I’m on the home straight people.


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