Welcome to week 85 or week 72359720375, (well that’s what it feels like to me) a pretty crucial week in the life of Nina.

Today marks Day 598 of kneehab rehab. I’m definitely about to reach new heights this week and I don’t think I really understand how much it actually means to get everything right. The last couple weeks I have dedicated my programs specifically to gym work, as the basketball stadium has been unavailable. I have been working on my power and strength, especially in the areas of balance and coordination. I’m just one week away from re-testing and although I haven’t been doing a whole lot of the jumping and agility stuff I should have been doing, I’m quite confident and I’m feeling pretty good that everything is going to turn out just the way I’ve planned. I have had everything set up for quite some time and so far it has gone much better than I thought it would. So hopefully these last few weeks turnout just the way they’re meant to.


 Everything is all happening so fast oh my gosh, I wish it would all just slow down a bit hahah.  I tell you what though; it’s honestly getting pretty damn hard to contain my excitement lately because everything is finally starting to feel real. I can’t even describe the amazing feelings I’ve been having lately; they are certainly not ones I’ve had before that’s for sure hahah.

It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was just half way through my rehab, and supposedly only a few months from returning to basketball; Well that was if I hadn’t of re-injured myself, silly girl. It’s crazy how it has all worked out though, most for the better. I often think what would things be like if I didn’t do my knee again but that doesn’t really help or make any difference hey, so I try not to think about it too much. I just still can’t believe that it has nearly been 2 years since I’ve been out of the one sport I absolutely love. Although that’s a long time, I’m actually kind of glad. It’s given me something so massive to look forward to and it really has given me purpose to actually go out there and work my butt off. I have never in my life been so motivated to achieve something and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to achieve my goals.

I have been working with some video footage that some wonderful people have taken for me over the last couple weeks. There are a few little sneak peaks on my Instagram you can check out. Basically just bits and pieces of the things I’ve been getting up to on the lead up to my return to basketball. 

Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back real soon!!!


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