I’ll quite often read through everything I wrote early on just to remind myself of how far I have come throughout this journey. There was a time when everything in my life fell to pieces and I gave up because it all became too hard, but for me to overcome something so massive and conquer some of my biggest fears to then come as far as I have is something I’m really proud of. I don’t expect anyone to understand what I’ve been through because I can’t even explain it to myself half the time haha but I’m here now, I’m happy where I am and I can now do the one thing I have been dreaming of doing.

Today I achieved my next biggest goal on my kneehab bucket list. After 611 days, 1 year and 8 months, 87 weeks and 2 days I just stepped onto the basketball court and completed my first full contact training. Now that’s one pretty cool feeling I must admit. I’m laughing and crying happy tears to the fact that I’m no longer a spectator, sitting and watching from the sidelines. It’s such an unreal feeling.

I had a lot of doubt and uncertainty’s leading up to today knowing that this was it, the one thing I have been working towards and the very start of it all I guess. I’ve been waiting for today to come around for so long and as exciting as it was, it still felt so weird being out on the court in a team environment. After really adapting to sitting on the sideline and watching week in, week out, it was finally my turn to actually go on the court and participate. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited/happy/eager to do something in my life to be honest.

Apart from the fact that I can play in 4 weeks time, I don’t think anything can top last Tuesday because that was definitely the most amazing moment of my life I think. To get cleared and to hear that I’m ready to return to sport after going through a pretty rough couple of years was just incredible. However, today was pretty great too. My god I did not realise how different basketball fitness is to everyday fitness though. I wanted to trade my lungs in for a new pair, never been so puffed out in my life hahah. I now know I have a fair bit of work to do, like I said before it doesn’t stop here, this is just the very start. Its great to know where I stand though and how much extra work I have to do to ensure I’m ready for this coming season. Full time training will start back up next week, which I’m already super excited about.


As I’m now in the last phase of my rehab, I have a 6-8 week injury prevention program to complete as I mentioned before, so basically that means a game of basketball will not be in the mix until about week 4 of this program but with the local season starting next week I’m really determined that I’m going to be fit and ready to start playing come week 4. So I’ve got some work to do and plenty of goals to tick off. I’ll be back soon.


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